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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 11:48

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Everybody wants to make their homes look good, from the inside and out. We hire interior designers and decorators to make the insides of our home look great, and we hire landscapers to make our outdoors look awesome. Albeit such an extensive project, people don’t seem to mind the expenses when it comes to home improvement. For the vast majority who can’t afford to hire interior designers or landscapers, we resort to doing it ourselves by reading and researching about do-it-yourself or DIY articles about home improvement. In my experience, beautifying the outdoors can be a little more challenging than the indoors.


How to wow your neighbors

Unless your neighbours make it a point to visit your home every now and then, they won’t be able to see your interior design masterpiece. If you really want to impress your neighbour, why not start somewhere they can see without getting in the house? You can focus on beautifying your garden or backyard by improving the flooring, adding terracotta, gazebos, and pergolas. The concept of improving your garden flooring is enough to keep you occupied because the whole backyard is your canvass. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a couple of dollars to burn, here are some awesome garden dluxhom flooring ideas that will make your home stand out.

Brick flooring – Want to achieve an Oz-like atmosphere in your backyard? You won’t find any yellow bricks though. Brick flooring is an excellent choice of garden flooring because of its extreme durability. They can withstand any weather conditions and they are very resistant to falling objects. You have to intentionally hit the bricks with a sledgehammer if you want them to crack.

Natural stones – Natural stones are the people’s next choice when bricks are not ideal. Marble and granite are usually the popular choices, but they become slippery when wet or shined. This becomes a complete hazard in itself. If you want stones with better traction, I highly suggest slate or travertine.

Wood flooring – When you’re going for a more natural approach, it’s time to go for wooden floorings, although they are a little bit more expensive than the other kinds of flooring. You can choose between hardwood like mahogany and teak. Maintenance is easy and durability is unquestionable when it comes to wooden flooring, but they are difficult and expensive to install. Most of the wooden flooring come in planks or tiles, which means that you can mix and match to create intricate patterns of your own.

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