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Friday, 12 October 2012 10:47

Garden furniture pieces are usually made up of wood.  You can check any experts from any furniture stores they will tell you the same thing that is because wood are designed to withstand weather elements.  However exposure to too much sunlight, moisture, and heat over a long period of time can damage the wooden furniture and ruin its polished exterior.  Weather elements can cause the wood to deteriorate at a much faster rate.  When it happens, the furniture will look worn out and will need immediate polishing, painting or replacement.  But we can prevent this from happening. Here are a few tips on how we can take care of our garden furnitures:

Apply wood sealer to the furniture.  It must be applied to all wooden pieces.  Wooden sealers help the furniture withstand the daily exposure to weather elements and prevent wood warping.  You may use a brush or a spray to apply coats of wood sealer.  You can buy wood sealers from any hardware stores.  There are wooden sealers that come in cans and it is easier to use.  For older wooden furniture, just remove the old paint, repaint it then apply the wood sealer to save it.  There are no specific techniques on how to seal wooden furniture, just make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the other finishing steps.  So apply it in thin coats only.  

Keep the furnitures away from too much heat and moisture.  When going on a vacation, have your furnitures covered or keep them in dry, covered and well ventilated area until it will be used again.

Apply putty in every crack.  Larger cracks will be prevented when the putty is applied early on.  When the furniture has been outside for so long, before you apply the putty, paint and the wood sealer, give a good sanding to the furniture first.  Be careful not to give too much sanding as it can damage the furniture.        

Paint the furniture after two to three years.  It is necessary to give the furniture another coat to help protect it after two to three years maximum.  Paint is considered to be another layer of protection for your furniture.

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