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Sunday, 07 October 2012 05:28

Having a vegetable garden at home can be beneficial in more ways than one. Aside from providing you with fresh and healthy supply of vegetable, a garden can make our homes beautiful and environment-friendly as well. Gardening also presents a healthy activity that can help ease off stress with routine exercise. However, maintaining home gardens can be challenging especially in controlling the pest that will damage the plants and lead to poor harvest or getting nothing at all from the crops. Using pesticides will be the usual solution but since this will be in our homes, we have to take a degree of precaution so as to prevent the risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals especially the children.

To be safe, there are non-toxic and inexpensive alternatives to chemical pesticides that homeowners can use, which are as effective as the commercial pesticides used commonly these days. Here are some helpful information gathered from the website about safe and homemade garden pest remedies. The materials you will need are easy to find since they are usually available in at home.

First homemade insecticide you can use is a mixture of a tablespoon of canola oil and a few drops of Ivory soap into a quart of water, which is very potent on soft-bodied insects like mites, aphids, and mealy bugs. Another homemade insecticide is the soil of granules of milky spore, which is  effective in killing lawn or garden grubs. This natural remedy will cause the grubs to contract diseases. Lastly, a mixture of hot pepper sauce or cayenne pepper and a few drops of bath soap into a quart of water will be effective against mites and other insects.

To effectively eliminate earwigs, slugs, and other soft-bodied garden pests, sprinkling diatomaceous earth over plants and around edges of garden beds will be a potent solution as it can penetrate the small exoskeletons of insects, slugs and snails.

For non-pest related garden issues like fungal diseases, mixing two tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of water and spraying the solution to the affected areas will be a good remedy. For powdery mildew, spraying the affected area of a solution of equal parts of milk and water is the recommended remedy. For both insects and fungal diseases combining cooking oil, baking soda and a few drops of soap into a quart of water will be a good one.

A home vegetable garden doesn’t need to stressful and complicated. Using simple home items, you may allow your garden plants to thrive sans chemical herbicides or pesticides. So whether you are putting up a garden in your spacious suburban home or sturdy kit homes backyard, there’s no need to use noxious and toxic chemicals to keep your garden healthy and insect-free.


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